HDR Projects Professional

HDR Projects Professional 1

The professional HDR control center with plenty of new powerful tools for perfect HDR images.

The exposure bracketing browser automatically sorts related exposure brackets. Additionally, a huge number of HDR images an be full automatically calculated through batch processing.

7 new HDR weighting adjustments and 7 optimized HDR algorithms for professionals allow full control of HDR creation, smoothing, denoising, halo alignment and more, achieving unique results. With directly control HDR weighting, you can manually define single image sections.

The “detail prediction” option brings ghosting correction to a previously unachieved level: every moving object within an exposure bracket can be identified.

Moving objects or image interferences can be manually removed using the HDR painter. All calculated in real-time!


- Browser for automatic exposure bracketing detection

- Supports all common RAW formats

- HDR images from a single image file: automatic generation of exposure bracketings with a high dynamic range

- 11 optimized HDR algorithms

- Selective HDR with HDR painter

- Automatic alignment of single images with micro detail prognosis

- Automatic ghosting correction with detail prediction

- HDR in real-time

- 360° panorama viewer

- 61 tone-mapping presets for quick and professional results

- 9 tone-mapping and 59 post-processing filters

- Efficient denoising filters

- Maximum hardware usage achieved through 32-core multithreading

New: Adobe® Lightroom, Photoshop CS6® and PS Elements 11 plug-ins

HDR projects professional is specifically intended for the ambitious photographer. Furthermore, it is the first choice for professionals who specialize in image editing in studios and agencies. You will find ultimate freedom of design with highly efficient, new HDR algorithms, 9 extremely powerful tone-mapping algorithms and 59 freely definable post-processing filters.

For a fast workflow, HDR projects professional offers 61 tone-mapping presets which are also freely definable and exppandable.

HDR projects professional is intended for professional photographers as well as for ambitious hobby photographers.

HDR Projects Professional


HDR Projects Professional 1